31. March 2017

Couple Shoot in Sankt Peter Ording | Jana & Phillip

There was something about Sankt Peter Ording, that I had to find out.

A few years ago, to be exact its about 10 years now ;-) I’ ve heard different people talk about Sankt Peter or SPO and I didn’t understand why everyone seemed to know and visit this place. You have to know,  I ve never been to the North sea until I was 27. The Baltic sea was always closer to me and there was nothing I had missed. Even Mallorca wasn’t on my travel list until last year, but that is another story. So, my brother and I decided to find it out, one sunny day, what magic lies in Sankt Peter. Short story:

We have driven 3 hours and by the time we arrived the “place” it looked like the world has come to an end. It was grey, cold, empty and we knew soon we will get soaken wet. But hope dies last… “Let’s  take a look what’ s behind the dunes.” And there we were in the middle of nothing, with sneakers in muddy sand and … I would not say we’ ve been disappointed, but maybe irritated and all of the sudden we started to laugh about our sillyness and this crazy trip. Half an hour later we were on our way back home all wrapped up in beach towels and I was soooo done with Sankt Peter. 

Now, almost 10 years later I found the beauty of this place, which now is one of my favorite location for couple shoots. Let me show you now.



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